Year of establishment: 1974

Head of the Department: Prof. Vaijinath Chickbase

Email: vmc.39547@gmail.com

Contact Number: 9986850556

Course Outcomes

History of Modern India , BA V Sem

  • CO1. Evaluate consolidation of English Power in India
  • CO2. Analyze social religious consciousness in India
  • CO3. Comparison of Nationalist movements- Pre-Gandhian and Post- Gandhian Era
  • CO4. Identify Modern Indian Maps- sites of mutiny of 1857, Princely States in 1858,major sites of National congress sessions, major sites in Civil Disobedience Movement.

Faculty Members

Sl.No.Name/Phone No./E-mailDesignation Experience in YearsQualificationField of Specialization
1.Prof. Vaijinath Chickbase 
Associate Professor and Head32M.A (Ph.D)History
3.Mrs. Lakshmi Kumbaar 
Assistant Professor4M.A, B.EdHistory


YearAppearedPass Percentage

Research Activities By Staff

YearTitle of the Seminar/Conference/WorkshopFunding AgencyGrant Received(Rs.)
2013-14One Day WorkshopSelf Financed20.00 Thousand
2016-17Two day workshopShilpakala academic, Bengaluru20.00 Thousand

Infrastructure (Including ICT)

  1. Library Resources:
    Departmental Library: 165 books
    Central Library: 1919 books
  2. Reference Books:11 books
    e-Resources: CDs, DVDs, PPT.
    Journal of Democracy
    Online Journals through INFLIBNET NLIST
  3. Internet facilities: Available
  4. Classrooms with ICT facility: 01

Research Activities/Enrichment Programs By Students

YearTitle of the ProgrammeName of the Resource Person(External)
2013-14Special LectureProf. B. P. Hoogar, Principal, Govt. College, Gulbarga
2014-15Special LectureDr. Indumati P. Patil, HOD, Dept. of History, Govt. College, Kalaburagi
2015-16Special LectureDr. Indumati P. Patil, HOD, Dept. of History, Govt. College, Kalaburagi
2016-17Defense as a Profession Special TalkMajor Abdul Hameed, Military Camp, Pune
2016-17Infilbnet Facility and use of Online Journals By History StudentsDr. Somnath Mudda, Librarian, Karnatak College, Bidar
2016-17Historia Movie FestDr. Mallikarjun Hangarge, Associate Professor Karnatak College Bidar 
Dr. B. S. Biradar Principal Karnatak College Bidar
2016-17The necessity of History via Skype ProgramDr. S. C. Sharma, Rani Durga Devi University, Jabalpur – MP
2016-17Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj And his AchievementsDr. Shashi Shekhar Reddy Govt. first-grade college, Sedam
2016-17Freedom Moment in India From 1919-1947Dr. Shrishel Biradar Nrupatanga college, Sedam
2016-17Russian Revolution 1917Dr. S.S. Sarvodaya Govt. College, Kalburgi.

Student Participation and Activities (2018-19)

YearName of the award/ medalNational/ InternationalSports CulturalStudent ID numberName of the student
2018Second Prize in Speech CompetitionDistrict level SpeechSachin S. Balaji
2018University Blues in volley Ball University level volley BallMegha D. Shailesh

Seminar/Workshop/Conference Attended/Presented(2012-13 to 2018-19)


Future Plans

2017-18To establish a history museum in college
2018-19MoU with the archeological survey of India to foster research activities
2019-20To organize Workshop on Techniques in Historical Survey
To start M.A History
To establish Historical Museum.
To organize National conference sponsored by ICSSR Hyderabad
2020-21Preparation of local tour reference manual
2021-22Digitization of old historical manuscripts in association with the Computer Science Department


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