Minor Research Projects Sanctioned by UGC and PBR

Sl No.Title of the ProjectDepartmentPrincipal InvestigatorDurationGrant ReceivedStatus
1The Existence & Environmental status of medical plants in Bidar taluka Bidar distBotanyDr. M. S. Patil2011-1372000Completed
2The Ethno botanical & Phyto-chemical studies of Medicinal Plants of Bidar Dist.BotanyDr. M. S. Patil2012-14110000Completed
3Analysis of Pesticides Residue in Soil &Water Samples and its Environmental Hazards in and around BidarChemistryDr.B.S.Biradar2010-13200000Completed
4Processing of Agricultural Wastes in Solid State Fermentation for B Fructo Furanosidase enzyme ProductionChemistryDr. S B Mashetty2016-19275000Ongoing
5Changing complexion of the American Theatre: A studyEnglishDr. U. S. Patil2011-13147000Completed
6Medicinal Plants(Dharinadu Area)KannadaDr. Jagannath H2013-15110000Completed
7A Study on Working of Self Help Groups in KarnatakaCommerceDr. S. V. Juja2012-14130000Completed
8Biodiversity of Aquatic Fauna of Karanja River of Bidar DistrictZoologySmt. T Umadevi2011-13125000Completed
9Population And Foraging Behavior of Peafowl in Bidar ForestZoologySri. H. S. Patil2011-13143000Completed
10Statistical research of demographical factors of college and university teachers in relation to their motivation and self-efficacyStatisticsSri. H. T. Ganeshan2013-15170960Completed
11Studies on Word Spotting in Document ImagesElectronicsSri. Somnath B.2016-19340000Ongoing
12Studies on the Status of Blackbuck in Bidar Forest Division. 2012 to 2013ZoologyDr. M Sanjeev Reddy2012-1372000Completed
13Script Identification in Handwritten South Indian Document ImagesComputer ScienceDr. Mallikarjun Hangarge2010-13150000Completed
14PBR: Malkapur VillageZoologyDr. Sanjeev Reddy2013-14520000Completed
15PBR: Chitta VillageZoologyDr. Sanjeev Reddy2013-14Completed
16PBR: Ashtoor VillageZoologyDr. Sanjeev Reddy2013-14Completed
17PBR: Jojna VillageZoologyDr. Sanjeev Reddy2013-14Completed
18PBR: Santpur VillageZoologyDr. Sanjeev Reddy2013-14Completed
19PBR: Belkoni Ch VillageZoologyDr. Sanjeev Reddy2013-14Completed
20PBR: Shambelly VillageZoologyDr. Sanjeev Reddy2013-14Completed
21PBR: Betbalkunda VillageZoologyDr. Sanjeev Reddy2013-14Completed
22PBR: Belur VillageZoologyDr. Sanjeev Reddy2013-14Completed
23Peoples Biodiversity RegisterZoologyDr. Sanjeev Reddy2014-1556000Completed

Minor Research Project sanctioned under CPE Phase- III

Sr.No.Title of the ProjectDepartmentPrincipal InvestigatorDurationGrants Received Rs.Status
24Extraction and detection of phytochemicals from plantsBiotechnologyDr. Vijaykumar2014-1730000Ongoing
25Difficulties in Communication skills in Hyderabad Karnataka AreaEnglishDr. U S Patil2014-1725000Ongoing
26Changes in International financial market and its implication for developing countriesCommerceDr. Shashidhar P2014-1725000Ongoing
27Financial inclusion and its impact on improving financial literacyCommerceDr. Ambrish Veernaik2015-1720000Ongoing
28Digital Marketing and its importanceCommerceDr.Ravinder R.2015-1720000Ongoing
29Handwritten and Printed Text Separation in Document ImagesComputer Sci.Shrikant D.2014-1730000Ongoing
30Gender determination using finger printsComputer Sci.Prabha E2014-1720000Ongoing
31Script Identification in multilingual documentsComputer Sci.Rajmohan P2015-1720000Ongoing
32Mathematical morphology for script identification in multilingual documentsMathematicsVinodkumar K2015-1720000Ongoing
33Bidar taluka gram nam galu adhyayanaKannadaDr. Jagannath H2012-1330000Completed
34Humanabad taluka gram nam galu adhyayanaKannadaDr. Jagannath H2013-1420000Completed
35Bhalki taluka gram nam galu adhyayanaKannadaDr. Bhagirathi K2014-1520000Completed

Project Reports

  1. Somnath Biradar
  2. Dr. Jaganath Hebbale
  3. Dr. Mallikarjun Hangarge
  4. Dr. S.V.Juja