Year of establishment : 1972

Head of the Department: Smt. Gayatri Nelge


Contact Number:9972193509

Faculty Members

Sl.No.Name/Phone No./E-mailDesignationExperience in YearsQualificationField of Specialization
1.Smt. Gayatri R. NelgeHead of the Department14M.A., B.ED,K-SETSociology
1.Smt. Jyothi KarpoorAssociate Professor8M.A., B.EDSociology

Course Outcomes

Sr. No.Courses Outcomes
1B.A,I sem Introduction to Sociology• Define sociology and demonstrate nature scope and subject matter of sociology
• Demonstrate how sociology differ from and similar to other social science Acquaint themselves with the basic concept of sociology like society, community ,association, culture social stratification
2B.A.III sem Social Research methods• Meaning, scope, Types and significance of social research
• Importance of research design, sampling method in social research and how to formulate it
• How to collect analyse data and how to write field report
3B.A.V sem Population studies• Key concepts of social demography
• Theories of population
• Factors effecting mortality and fertility
• Population Policy in India
• Family welfare programs

Result: B.A VI Sem

YearAppearedPass Percentage


  1. Central Library: 1919 Books
  2. Department Library: 53
  3. Internet facilities for Staff & Students: Available
  4. Classrooms with ICT facility: Available
  5. English Language Lab: Available

Research activities/Enrichment Programs by Students

YearTitle of the ProgrammeName of the Resource Person(External)
2016Gandhiji’s Concept of SarvoodayaDr. Hanmathappa Sedamkaar
2017Empowerment of WomenSmt. Sushma Sahu
2017Gender SensitizationSmt. Anubhuthi V

Seminar/Workshop/Conference Attended/Presented( 2018-19)


Future plan

2017-18MoU with Department of Sociology Gulbarga University, Kalaburagi
2018-19To initiate research activities in the Department in association with the Department of Sociology, Gulbarga University
2019-20To organize a National Seminar on “Role of NGOs in Social Responsibility: Recent Issues and Challenges “
We will Prepare our students to their own NGO’s
To initiate research activities in the department
To establish club to support local backward community
2020-21To start certificate courses in Leadership and Civic Engagement
2021-22To establish a club. It aims to support backward communities to educate.


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