Year of establishment : 1980


Sl.No. Name/Phone No./E-mail Designation Qualification Field of Specialization
1. Dr. S.B. Mashetty(Retired) 
Associate Professor MSc., MPhil., PhD. MSc. Biochemistry
2. Sri. A.R. Mamane 
Cell; 9901167849
Associate Professor and Head MSc. MSC. Analytical Chemistry
3. Smt. Anuradha Patil
Assistant Professor MSc.,B.Ed. Msc. General Chemistry
4. Miss. Salomi 
Assistant Professor MSc.,B.Ed.,(P.hd.) MSc. General Chemistry
5. Miss. Anjali Kulkarni 
Assistant Professor MSc. MSc. Organic Chemistry
6. Miss. Blessy Rani 
Assistant Professor MSc. MSc. General Chemistry

List of BOE/BOS/Valuator Members (Only Gulbarga Univesity related Activities)

Sl.No. Year Name of the Staff Role Order Copy
1. Member BOE View Order Copy

Programmes/Combinations Offered by the Departments

Sl.No. Year Combinations Strength
1. 2017-18 Physics,Chemistry,Mathematics & Chemistry,Botany,Zoology 117
2. 2018-19 Physics,Chemistry,Mathematics & Chemistry,Botany,Zoology 130
3. 2019-20 Physics,Chemistry,Mathematics & Chemistry,Botany,Zoology 119
4. 2020-21 Physics,Chemistry,Mathematics & Chemistry,Botany,Zoology 118
5. 2021-22 Physics,Chemistry,Mathematics & Chemistry,Botany,Zoology 136

List of courses offered (CBCS only)

Sl.No. Course Code if any Title of the Course Course Attainment Report
1 DSC-CHEM-1A Chemistry:Atomic Structure Chemical Periodicity Bonding,General Organic Chemistry and Aliphatic Hyderocarbons
2 DSC-CHEM-1A Chemistry Practical
Sl.No. Course Code if any Title of the Course Course Attainment Report
1 DSC-CHEM-1B Chemistry: Chemical Energitics, Equillibria, S-Block Elements & functional Organic Chemistry-I
2 DSC-CHEM-1B Chemistry Practical
Sl.No. Course Code if any Title of the Course Course Attainment Report
1 DSC-CHEM-1C Chemistry: Solution, Phase Equillibrium,Conductance, Electro chemistry,P-Block Elements & functional group Organic chemistry-II
2 DSC-CHEM-1C Chemistry Practical
1 DSC-CHEM-1D Chemistry: Co-ordination chemistry,states of matter & Chemical kinetics
2 DSC-CHEM-1D Chemistry Practical
Sl.No. Course Code if any Title of the Course Course Attainment Report
1 SEC-CHEM-1 Basic analytical chemistry
2 DSE-CHEM-1 chemistry: analytical methods in chemistry
3 DSE-CHEM-1 chemistry Practical
Sl.No. Course Code if any Title of the Course Course Attainment Report
1 SEC-CHEM-3 Fuel chemistry
2 DSE-CHEM-2 Chemistry: Industrial Chemicals & Environment
3 DSE-CHEM-2 Chemistry Practical

Programmes and Course Outcomes:

BSc. Chemistry

  • PO-1. Discipline Knowledge: Knowledge of science and ability to apply to relevant areas.
  • PO-2. To understand the basic facts and concepts in chemistry.
  • PO-3. To develop a better understanding and reasoning of facts.
  • PO-4. To skill –up for various laboratory techniques used in pharmaceutical laboratories and chemical industries
  • PO-5. To make efficient for various spectrometric analysis
  • PO-6. To skill – up for basic analytical tools.

Certificate Courses offered

Sl.No. Year Title of the certificate/Course No. of Students admitted No. of Students Successfully Completed Sample Certificate
1 2017-18 Soil & Water analysis 25 25
1 2018-19 Soil & Water analysis 25 25
1 2019-20 Soil & Water analysis 25 25
1 2020-21 Soil & Water analysis 25 25

Result Only Final Year.

S.No. Year Total Students Appeared First Class Distinction Pass Percentage
1 2017-18 117 21 29 83.7%
2 2018-19 88 20 15 76.13%
3 2019-20 89 29 47 94.3%

Research Activities by Staff

DurationName of FacultyTitle of the ProjectName of the Funding agencyGrant ReceivedStatus
2010 to 2013Dr. B. S. BiradarAnalysis of pesticide residue in soil and water samples and its environmental hazards in and around BidarUGC2.00 LakhsMinor(Completed)
2016 to 2019Dr. S. B. MashettyEnzyme production using agricultural wastes in solid-state fermentation-A studyUGC2.75 LakhsMinor(Ongoing)

Infrastructure(Including ICT)

  1. Departmental Library: 25 Reference Books
  2. ICT facilities: Available
  3. Classrooms with ICT facility: 01
  4. Laboratories : 03+01 Storeroom + Staff Room
  5. Internet: Available
  6. Fume hood: 01

Research Activities/Enrichment Programs by Students

YearTitle of the ProgrammeName of the Resource Person(External)
2012-13SpectroscopyDr. J. S. Biradar, GUK
2013-14InstrumentationDr. Prakasham, IICT, Hydrabad
2015-16Pollution ControlDr. Mahadev Swamy, JS College of Engineering, Mysore
2015-16PatentingDr. Sharana Gouda, Patent Officer Chennai
2016-17NMR SpectroscopyDr. J. S. Biradar, GUK

Seminar/Workshop/Conference Organized

YearTitle of the Seminar/Conference/WorkshopFunding AgencyGrant Received(Rs.)
2014Recent Techniques in Instrumental Methods of Chemical AnalysisUGC1,45,000/-
2016Advance in Pollution Control and Waste Management.UGC80,000/-

Seminar/Wrokshop/Conference Attended/Presented (2012-13 to 2015-16)


Future Plans

2017-18To start PG in Chemistry
2018-19To establish a research center
2019-20MoUs with National/International institutes to carry out research work
2020-21To start a certificate course in “Handling of Hazardous Chemicals”
2021-22To use DWSIM which is an open-source CAPE-OPEN compliant chemical process simulator. It allows us to conduct experiments and analyze data using advanced models and operations.


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